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CSR policy in SFG

The CSR policy of the SFG Group is based on the ten UN Global Compact principles and on compliance with national laws. Where international minimum standards for CSR are higher than national law, SFG strives to uphold international standards. In addition, SFG goes beyond legal compliance in areas where the company can strategically give back to society and contribute to sustainable development.

SFG seeks continuously to increase transparency and openness regarding the Group's CSR efforts.

Social responsibility

SFG supports the UN Global Compact principles for internationally proclaimed human rights (principles 1-2) including the core labour rights (principles 3-6). The commitment to sustainable social development is the key focal point in SFG's CSR efforts. Given the nature of SFG's business, the social dimension is where SFG can contribute the most.

SFG pledges to:

  • Continuously improve SFG's governance system to ensure compliance with basic human rights
  • Identify ways of maximising the positive social impact of SFG's business operations where SFG has special skills, products or services to make a difference.

Environmental responsibility

SFG pledges to support the UN Global Compact's principles for the environment (principles 7-9) and to:

  • Assess and reduce the negative impact of SFG's operations on the environment including climate change
  • Meet or exceed applicable regulatory requirements wherever SFG conducts its operations
  • Continuously seek to improve SFG's awareness, processes and production facilities in order to set new environmental standards in markets whenever possible.

Economic responsibility

SFG believes that running profitable companies that live up to their social, environmental and economic responsibilities is the best way for SFG to contribute to the societies in which we are active. SFG contributes to society through investments and production with due consideration for sustainable social, environmental and economic development. In this way, SFG contributes positively to sustainable economic growth and to the promotion of international involvement in the countries where SFG operates.
SFG believes that long-term profitability is based on strategic integration of sustainable social, environmental and economic development. For SFG, such integration results in proper risk management for the benefit of SFG's shareholders, other stakeholders and society alike.

As a core obligation, SFG pledges to:

  • Apply a zero-tolerance approach with respect to corruption, extortion and bribery in accordance with principle 10 of the UN Global Compact.
  • Continuously work to improve governance structures to combat corruption in all its forms.